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Task Force Blog 3/16/16

What will Oswego County look like in the year 2030?

   Our work is designed to make Oswego County a vibrant growing place, a great place to visit and a great place to live. A safe place with great schools, great businesses a thriving culture and a caring community.
   By 2030 a child who entered school in 2015 regardless of family income or circumstances, will have established goals that are in-line with their capabilities, and will go confidently forward towards achieving them.
   Through the use of the tools available via a County Land Bank and innovative neighborhood investment strategies, blight will have been eliminated and our housing stock and values will be stable.
   Our infrastructure will be first class, physically and technologically. We'll boast of great drinking water, nearly universal broadband and we'll have capitalized on our proximity to vast amounts of nuclear power in ways that we hadn't dreamed of before.
    We will be a destination, for fisherman to experience a world class fishery, for divers at our National Marine Sanctuary, and for history buffs at the Fort Ontario National Monument and Safe Haven Museum.
   Things will be good in Oswego County in 2030, through the hard work and community-spirit that is growing out of the development of this plan -- work that is inspiring hundreds of volunteers to participate -- a revitalization and re-envisioning of what Oswego County can become on behalf of all of our residents.
   And certainly, we'll still have snow! Deep fluffy snow that winter enthusiasts will want to come play in and that will continue to be "no problem" for Oswego County.

Roy Reehil, Chair
Community Health and Poverty Reduction Task Force
Email: info@oc2030.org

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