Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force
A Partnership of the County Legislature, County School Districts, and Community Leaders

Economic Development Team Leaders:
Austin Wheelock, Economic Development Specialist at
Operation Oswego County, Inc.
Roy Reehil, Oswego County Legislator,
Chair Economic Development and Planning Committee

Team Mission: Create a dynamic economic development plan for Oswego County. Create strategies to attract, retain, expand and diversify the business community.

Focus: Infrastructure - Workforce Development - Entrepreneurship

Action items:

  1. Work with the County Economic Development and Planning Committee to begin developing an Economic Development Plan for Oswego County.
  2. Begin mapping infrastructure countywide. Include Sewer, water, natural gas, broadband, cell phone service, rail, ports, airports, etc.
  3. Enlist Cities, Towns and Villages to participate in Planning and the County Land Bank.
  4. Support and promote business development tools we have: the IDA, tax exemptions, etc.
  5. Tailor new business incentives.
  6. Promote tourism and quality of life resources, water, weather, woods, fishery, etc.
  7. Identify Anchor Enterprises to help them be great neighbors and grow.
  8. Help develop and promote a suite of Community Empowerment Tools for local Community Empowerment teams.

Action Items with an agricultural focus:

  1. Explore ways to promote agriculture and businesses involved in growing, distributing, and eating local.
  2. Work with Cornell Cooperative Extension and New York State to deliver training, secure grants and loans and use other creative programs and micro-enterprise initiatives to encourage investment.
  3. Work with State Reps to support developing a Northern New York Food Hub through which to receive, market and deliver local food to our school lunchrooms, medical, elder care facilities and eating establishments.
  4. Look into developing an Agricultural P-Tech at CiTi (BOCES.)

Workforce Development Team
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