Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force
A Partnership of the County Legislature, County School Districts, and Community Leaders

Human Services Collaborative Team Leaders:
Stacy Alvord, Commissioner Oswego County
Department of Social Services
Diane Cooper-Currier, Executive Director
Oswego County Opportunities

Mission: Develop a "No Wrong Door" system of human service support linking individuals to the full range of public and private resources available.

Focus: Becoming partners in life-changing experiences.


Ambassador Program
Enhanced 2-1-1
Life Skills Curriculum

Ambassador Program
Working under the guidance of the Department of Social Services Ambassadors would include persons who regularly interact with the public who have been trained to access to a wide range of services. Potential ambassadors would be elected officials, government employees, clergy, emergency service workers and school personnel trained to use technology and an enhanced 2-1-1 system to help individuals begin journeys of self-empowerment and improvement.
Enhanced 2-1-1
A comprehensive and up-to-date 2-1-1 system will provide fast access to descriptions of services, application forms and contact information. Enhanced 2-1-1 will be promoted and used as a tool for Human Services Ambassadors.
Encourage enrollment in our Life Skills Curriculum and beyond
The Life Skills Curriculum is a certificate program designed to instill workplace behaviors and expectations that will help marginal workers gain confidence, soft skills and ultimately mobility. Additional customized programs will include Literacy, GED, Violence Prevention, Parenting Skills, Health, Nutrition, Family Planning and Basic Financial acumen.

Other HHS Teams:
Housing Team
Substance Abuse Disorder and Recovery Team
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