Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force
A Partnership of the County Legislature, County School Districts, and Community Leaders

Workforce Development Team Leaders:
Joseph Rotella, SUNY Oswego Office of
Business and Community Relations
Christine Weaver, Oswego County One-Stop Operator, Workforce NY

Team Mission: Develop a more skilled workforce and work with businesses and educational institutions to align training to local workplaces and business needs.

Focus on: Alignment - Career Pathways - Personal Empowerment

Action Items:

  1. Develop ways to collaborate on trade training and business skills curriculum development.

  2. Find ways to fund training to allow more local people to be job ready.

  3. Find ways to fund training to allow more local people to be job ready for local jobs.

  4. Develop and fund more apprenticeships, on the job training and internship opportunities.

  5. Tailor career specific job training, certificate programs and degree programs through CiTi and local colleges.

  6. Research ways to create college programs in H.S. similar to P-TECH for different disciplines.

  7. Reduce unemployment by reducing the number of able workers on assistance.

  8. Identify able but unemployed workers and support them to prepare for a job or career.

  9. Find ways to fund investments in people who have a proven desire to work.

Partners: Oswego County One-Stop, Workforce New York, CiTi, the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation, (BOCES) Cayuga County Community College, State University College at Oswego

Economic Development Team
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